12 January – our annual card night.
20180918-bookclub-MedlowBath 20180918-bookclub-MedlowBath Always a great evening there. It was bring some food for sharing, bring drinks that won’t rebadge the cream carpet, play whatever games suit your fancy. Scrabble was the most popular but there was also Bridge, Rummikub, 500.
11 November - LATE BREAKFAST DUNBAR HOUSE and WALK, Watsons Bay
20181111 Federation Cliff Walk 20181111 Breakfast in DunbarHouse Starting with breakfast with a view in historic and elegant Dunbar House, we hit the trail of the Federation Cliffs Walk to Bondi. We did not quite make Bondi as we then took the ferry to make our way in the breeze to Circular Quay, having decided a sparkling wine was in order. Great day!

18 September – TUESDAY BOOK CLUB, Medlow Bath
20180918-bookclub-MedlowBath The book for discussion was The Palace of Tears by Julian Leatherdale. The story weaves through the hardships of both World Wars and reveals the intriguing history of the Palace, a magnificent Edwardian-era spa hotel in the Blue Mountains which draws inspiration from the real-life Hydro Majestic Hotel. Being at Medlow Bath for the discussion was a great idea!.
5 August – Breakfast, Neutral Bay
20180805_104810 Good crowd again. Just a great way to start Sunday.

29 July– Breakfast at Surry Hills
20180729-GratiaCafeForOzHarvest GRADS breakfast at Grazia /Oz Harvest Café, Surry Hills. Great food and lovely that the café also provides training for the unemployed. A feel good breakfast had by all, with all profits going to charity. We plan to support this for rest of the year.


22 July– Lunch at Balmoral
Balmoral Bathers Café 1 Balmoral Bathers Café 2 A Sunday in wintry July was spent at the Bathers Pavillion Cafe at Balmoral. Besides talking over red wine, some lovely meals (& one person's delicious dessert) the group did have a casual stroll along the beachfront. This was voted a great place to return to!


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